About TherapyTake pride in how far you have come,
and have faith in how far you can go.

– Unknown

How does therapy help?

Studies show that talking with a mental health professional can reduce stress and improve psychological and physical well-being. Other benefits can include relief from emotional distress, increased self confidence, improved decision-making skills, and a higher level of satisfaction in personal and professional relationships.

How long will it take?

It generally takes a few sessions for a client and therapist to become acquainted with one another. At this point, they’re prepared to work as a team to clarify goals and develop an individualized treatment plan that meets the client’s needs.

The length of therapy depends on;

  1. The number and complexity of issues, and
  2. Session frequency (i.e. weekly versus monthly).

Please note that the therapeutic process is most effective when clients attend sessions on a regular basis.