Finding Your Way

If you feel you have lost your way, working with a therapist can provide much-needed support and guidance.

By getting to the heart of ongoing patterns and processes, therapy can help foster gentle yet dramatic change. Whether you’re looking to resolve painful issues from the past, improve relationships, cope with stress or simply want to get more joy out of life, therapy can help you to achieve these goals.

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

– Christopher Reeves

A Safe Space

My goal is to provide a comfortable setting where you can freely share your thoughts and emotions. As your therapist, I will listen with my head and my heart, making every effort to ensure that you feel heard and understood. Our work together will be collaborative, and you can trust that your privacy will be respected.

Discovery & Hope

Together, we will share in a process designed to identify your strengths, deepen your understanding of self and others, explore new possibilities, and implement strategies to achieve your therapy goals.

An increased awareness can lead to positive changes in your thought patterns, emotional responses, and behaviors. Shifting your perspective and approach towards life can result in a greater sense of control and balance in an uncertain world.